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5 Best Racing Tracks in the World

Tuesday, 01-Aug-2017 by Track Team Driver - TTD
5 Best Racing Tracks in the World  

The thrill of those tight twists and turns in the magic formula for an exhilarating Formula 1 Race.

We mostly judge the quality of races using the level of competition and the lack of knowledge about who is the winner. To all of us who aren't professional racers, climate conditions, road quality, and the sheer history don't really mean much.

However, when you look at all the ingredients of a thrilling race, there are too many to count and it just doesn't make sense to focus on every particular one. After extensive research, we've decided to bring forth a list of the best and most famous racing circuits in the world. Who knows, some might even amaze you.

1. Monza, Italy

It astonishes how much history can fit into one racing track and how much it means to a driver to be able to glide down the twists and turns of the Monza Speedway. Those same twists are so risky and have the ability to make or break even the most experienced racers. They even have their own names - such as Curva Grande, Lemos, and Parabolica.

There is also some added emotional value to the tracks, as the Italian F1 fans are unmatched in their passion, heart, and will to amaze the world with their choreography.

2. Circuit De Monaco, Monaco

Monaco has always had a sense of royalty to it. Imagine that flashiness and iconic passion fused with the world's fastest motorsport. Some drivers and experts really think that navigating through city streets is the best combination of danger and excitement.

The fans of F1 history love this track with increased intensity, mostly because is the last torchbearer of the old-school, relentless F1 circuits that were around many decades ago.

3. Silverstone, UK

Okay, you've probably watched the British Grand Prix a couple of times. If you really paid attention, the iconic curves and slow rises during the end of the circuit have certainly caught your attention.

In addition to them, the severe British weather also poses a serious test to the driving capability of young race car drivers around the world. Plus, it was built on the site of a former World War II Air Force base. Can it get more awesome than that?

4. Spa-Francorchamps, Belgium

If you though Silverstone is the granddaddy of all dangerous circuits, then this lovely Belgian best of a track will be more than happy to sway your affections to its side.

Even though it was remodeled more than a few times, iconic corners and turns such as Eau Rouge, Blanchimont, and many others are always there to keep the driver's concentration high and every fan out of their seat.

5. Nurburgring, Germany

Tracks like Nurburgring are the epitome of a true challenge bot to the racecar and to the relentless individual that dares to step into it. Once a public road, Nurburgring dazzles fans with its deadly jumps, twists turns and straight up falls that allow drivers to reach mindboggling speeds.

The love of all adrenaline junkies, it's alive and well and is as challenging as ever.

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